Lowell A. Davis

Lowell A. Davis has sung Gregorian Chant for over 30 years, and directed a schola over an eight year period at St. Cyril Catholic Church in Houston, Texas, as well as occasional ad hoc scholas at the University of St. Thomas. He participated for three years in the academic Gregorian Chant schola of the University of St. Thomas music department under the direction of Anne Fairbanks. He also took professional vocal lessons at the University. Mr. Davis received his most extensive Gregorian Chant training in graduate school at the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio,Texas, where he directed Gregorian chant singing as well.

Mr. Davis serves as the executive director of the St. Basil School of Gregorian Chant. He holds a master’s in Divinity from the Oblate School of Theology, and a Master’s in Philosophy from the University of St. Thomas.

Mr. Davis teaches Gregorian Chant, and lectures on the spirituality of chant in the liturgy, and the theology of singing the Liturgy.

Mr. Davis and Mr. Osborn both conduct  Schools away from the University of St. Thomas.

Mr. Davis has recently completed an interim directorship of liturgical music at the Shrine of the True Cross in Dickinson, Texas. There he directed a full choir, a children’s choir, and a Gregorian Chant Schola. He is a member of the National Pastoral Musicians organization focusing on the chant section of the NPM. In 2012 Mr. Davis was elected to serve as the chair of the Chant section of the NPM.